Nature immersion & Wild Dolphin Spiritual Travel

Nature immersion & Wild Dolphin Spiritual TravelNature immersion & Wild Dolphin Spiritual TravelNature immersion & Wild Dolphin Spiritual Travel

Join me on my Spiritual Travel Adventures learning with wild Dolphins! 

About Linda Grace Kingsbury PhD

How I Got Started

I have been swimming with wild dolphins in the open oceans since 1998. It is my passion to share this JOY with you. As a result of  my experience and education in Clairvoyance, Animal Communication, Sound Vibrational Healing, Kundalini Yoga and Herbal Medicine, I hold a safe container of sacred space to support your spiritual travel and multidimensional island adventures.

My Background

I grew up in New England swimming in the Atlantic Ocean in Newport RI. I feel at home and most playful when I am in the ocean. Dolphins started appearing in my dreamtime in 1997 and I followed them to the open oceans to swim since that time. They are incredible healers and teachers. As our gift to the Dolphins we share our joy, light and love with them and the ocean for the benefit of all. Over the years wild dolphins have called me physically to be with them in Key West Florida,  Big Island of Hawaii, Bimini, La Paz Mexico, Laguna Beach California and Costa Rica. Telepathically through time and space they travel to me from around the world for consciousness expansion experiences.

Activate your Authentic Soul Self

Join us for a unique spiritual travel experience with the wild dolphins in the open ocean where they choose how to interact with you. Experience the magic and mystery of being in the pacific ocean amongst the healing vibrations, clicks, whistles, playful graceful movements and telepathy of the spinner dolphins.  Receive messages and healings for High Vibration Living.  In 2019 it was a blessing to see more dolphins friends both familiar and new to swim with than in the previous years.  You will bring home a broader sense of playfulness and aliveness to share in your community and the world. Check  out my blog of Dolphin Light Adventure experiences and sign up for a Dolphin Light Adventure at the website store.

Dolphin Leaf Play

Dolphins love to PLAY. Here they are enjoying leaves. We carry the leaves from shore then release them in the water when dolphins swim nearby. This is one of thier favorite games to play with humans. I took this video in the waters off the Big Island of Hawaii. Are the dolphins calling you?